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A&B Diocese

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Diocesan Inclusion

The diocesan Inclusion Adviser Margaret Fraher is available to advise about access to all diocesan, deanery or parish, liturgies, events, and groups and can be contacted by individuals or parishes regarding specific needs and how best to meet them. 

 E: [email protected] or M: 07508459315. When signing up for an event on the diocesan website please remember to specify if you have a particular need or challenge, so that Margaret can get in touch with you.

 Externally run Diocesan events at Worth Abbey

 Finding Stillness: 6-9 June. Led by Fr Peter Williams OSB. Cost: £330 per person

Come away to a quiet place to find stillness and God’s presence. Discover in the Benedictine tradition; how stillness and stability can be ways of opening up to God and living life at a deeper level. The retreat will include: teachings in lectio divina, stilling the mind and also an opportunity to have a 1:1 meeting with a monk.

Time Out: Individual self-led retreat. COST: £90 per person, per night. Tuesday 14 - Sunday 19 June (dates flexible - minimum 2 nights)

A chance for some time away to process, to reflect and to pray. There is no set programme other than daily group Lectio Divina at 9:30am, the usual monastic timetable of divine office and liturgy and the opportunity to meet with a member of the monastic community for reconciliation or a chat. Places are limited so book your place early to avoid disappointment. Concession rate for shared occupancy and bursary assistance available.

Praying the Liturgy: The Eucharist – 21 -23 June. Led by Fr David Jarmy OSB. Cost: £220 per person

Since the Second Vatican Council enormous time and energy has been put into renewal of the liturgy – mainly through encouraging active participation. In recent years we seem to have reached another stage - where emphasis has changed to ask the question, How do I pray the Mass? What difference does this make to my life? This retreat will help you ask some of these questions and more importantly move into a deeper prayerful way of celebrating the Eucharist. We will be re-discovering some of the major teaching of the early Church Fathers and becoming more aware of the richness of symbolism which brings the Eucharist to life. “I am increasingly aware that the decisive question is not so much how believers experience the liturgy, but whether believers live from the liturgy” - Goffredo Boselli. The retreat will help you understand the eucharist more, fully interiorise it more effectively and live it more authentically.

Individual Guided Retreat: 11-17 July. Cost: £110 per person, per night (minimum 2 nights / maximum 6 nights).

 Please contact us to check availability of your preferred dates.

This is an opportunity to take time out for silence and reflection while at the same time having a daily meeting with a monk / spiritual director. This would ideally suit someone who is at key point in their life, to really get in touch with how God is speaking to them through this challenge and help discern the way the spirit is working to bring about life in a new way. This retreat would have a maximum of 10 participants, it would largely be held in silence and it would also follow the daily rhythm of the monastic office.

Icon painting course: 25-31 July. Cost: £675 per person – Residential £375 per person – Day guest

Facilitated by Hanna Ward: Hanna is a Finnish born, British educated professional iconographer and illuminated manuscript painter, based in Surrey.

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to all aspects of traditional icon painting: drawing an image of Christ onto gessoed board and painting with natural and semi-precious pigments with egg tempera and using clay and lose leaf gold leaf for gilding.

The aim is to understand the history, symbolism and meaning of icons and to gain the basic skills to be able to draw and paint them. The emphasis will be on copying and tracing an old image correctly and carefully onto the icon board and learning to paint from dark to light in a traditional iconographic way. Participants will be given a step-by-step guide through the various disciplines of this nearly 2000-year-old tradition. The aim is to paint six full days from Monday to Saturday and finish the icons during the retreat and have them blessed in the church on Sunday.

Book your place online at:

For further information please contact E: [email protected] or T: 01342 710318.

Young Children and the Bible

Very young children enjoy investigating the world around them and can be very visual. The God Who Speaks team have created another 'Top 10' list exploring animals in the Bible, with the under five age group very much in mind. Visit their website to find out more.

Fleur Dorrell reviews her favourite novels with sacred themes

Many of us have had to change our plans this summer. Those who are going away on holiday may find the experience very different this year, with those who are staying at home perhaps enjoying the weather more locally in parks and - if we have them - gardens. August offers us an opportunity to socialise safely, explore our local area and perhaps find time to pick up a book.

It has recently been announced that The God Who Speaks initiative established by the Bishop's Conference and the Bible Society to nurture a deeper engagement with the Scriptures will continue into 2021. This is wonderful news, providing us with further opportunities to make use of the many resources and programmes they offer, including summer reading suggestions from Fleur Dorrell their Catholic Scripture Engagement Manager. Are you looking for a book with a sacred theme?  Click here to discover Fleur's top ten reading suggestions.