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A&B Diocese

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Young Children and the Bible

Very young children enjoy investigating the world around them and can be very visual. The God Who Speaks team have created another 'Top 10' list exploring animals in the Bible, with the under five age group very much in mind. Visit their website to find out more.

Fleur Dorrell reviews her favourite novels with sacred themes

Many of us have had to change our plans this summer. Those who are going away on holiday may find the experience very different this year, with those who are staying at home perhaps enjoying the weather more locally in parks and - if we have them - gardens. August offers us an opportunity to socialise safely, explore our local area and perhaps find time to pick up a book.

It has recently been announced that The God Who Speaks initiative established by the Bishop's Conference and the Bible Society to nurture a deeper engagement with the Scriptures will continue into 2021. This is wonderful news, providing us with further opportunities to make use of the many resources and programmes they offer, including summer reading suggestions from Fleur Dorrell their Catholic Scripture Engagement Manager. Are you looking for a book with a sacred theme?  Click here to discover Fleur's top ten reading suggestions.