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Confirmation Catechists

Are you a Confirmation Catechist? Would you like to talk to other Catechists and the Diocesan Youth Ministry Adviser about all things Confirmation?

If so, please sign up to join your Deanery Confirmation Network. These networks were launched towards the end of last year and the conversations were really helpful, particularly in this time of change and adaptation. If you have not already joined your network please contact

[email protected] who will make sure that you are involved with the next round of conversations that she is holding at the end of January.

Confirmation Applications 2022/23

Please click on the link to download your application form.  Due to lockdown the deadline has been extended to the end of December.

Please return to the Parish Office or to Fr Benny as quickly as you can.  Thank you very much.

Y10 and above Enrolment Form

Adult Confirmation Programme

Adult Application Form